goStrap Finger Strap Screen Protector for Phones including Iphone Android Tablets and Mobile Devices - Read Reviews

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STOP dropping mobile devices like phones, tablets and e-readers.

RECLAIM the use of your hand for multitasking while ably holding a drink, suitcase, shopping bag, umbrella or stroller. Perfect for when hands are full.

ELIMINATE constant, mindful and strenuous clutching of mobile devices to improve hand health and peace of mind.

COMPATIBLE with any handheld mobile device or aftermarket case. Tandem use of case is recommended for IP7. (Will not adhere to silicone)

KNOW that most negative reviews we receive are from customers who ordered counterfeits. If you are not purchasing from Inventasaurus or goStrap, you are likely ordering a fake. Before leaving a negative review, please do not hesitate to contact us and give us the chance to make you happy. goStrap is sold in national retail and genuine product users love their goStraps!