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Rather than by every bit you may need for your projects, save some money and buy the 100-piece accessory kit. This kit comes with the standard bits used in most household projects. 22 DRILL BITS, 3 DRILL STOPS, 1 ALLEN KEY, 3 SPADE BITS, 9 NUT DRIVERS, 61 DRIVER BITS, 1 STUBBY SCREW DRIVE, AND FOLDING CASE WITH BUILLT IN STORAGE COMPARTMENTS

  1. Brand: Craftsman
  2. Color: Drill Bits
  3. EAN: 0618145510430
  4. Label: Craftsman
  5. Manufacturer: Craftsman
  6. Part Number: FBA_00931639000P

Craftsman 100 Piece drilling and driving kit

  1. Drilling bits for use on metal, wood, plastic and masonry

  2. Power bits and insert bits to fill all your driving needs

  3. Driving bits: Phillips, flat and torx